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Scandal {Olitz} Promo: Forbidden Love (by ILuvOlitz2)

I needed this in my dash again…for reasons

I LOVE this video! It’s a complete example of why we LOVE them!!! I have shown this to people that didn’t watch Scandal and this alone made them watch.  Meaning Kerry and Tony or Olivia and Fitz (pick one) made them watch.  Get it together Shonda!!! This. Is. Gold!!!

Admittedly I don’t watch that much TV but when you have a couple like this, where their chemistry draws in feels from the audience like that better capitalize on it, because it doesn’t come around a lot. I have seen people portray couples and it was actually painful to watch them interact. It just wasn’t there. It was not believable. This couple is so believable that parts of the fandom are taking them to another level in their personal lives. Whether you are TeamOLITZ or not you have to admit THIS IS GOLD!



UMMMMMMMM, where the hell did this beauty come from?! I have NEVER seen this promo before. Where was I when this was released? Ugh. I feel so out of the loop right now. Like this brought tears to my eyes it was so gorgeous. Damn.

Oh sweet girl! They released this RIGHT before they fucked the world up. I remember watching it and saying to my friend (prior to how it all went down of course) ‘Wait for him Olivia!!! Seriously who would not wait for him?’ Then Shonda decided to blow up the entire world.  BITCH!  Yeah I said it! 

The video still gives me the feels. 

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